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Site style guide



Use title case for proper names, e.g. Python, C#, WebSocket, GitHub. Among the notable exceptions are macOS, q and kdb+.

Also use title case for the names of panels, tabs and dialogs in a UI, e.g. Dashboard Manager, Connection Editor.

The language is q. The database, process and product are all known as kdb+. Although both are proper names they are both set in lower case, except where they begin sentences or headings.


Set headings in sentence case, i.e., in lower case except for

  • the first letter
  • acronyms, e.g. IPC, HTTP, API
  • proper names, e.g. Python, C#, WebSocket, GitHub, macOS

Minimise punctuation within a heading and end it without punctuation.

Number headings in an article only when there are many references in the text to the numbers. Where there are a few references to heading numbers, replace them with the italicised heading texts, linked to the headings.

Ordered and unordered lists

Use numbered lists only

  • where it is necessary to refer to a list item, e.g. “as in (3) above”
  • where the order is significant, e.g. in a sequence of instructions

Where list items do not contain multiple sentences, leave their ends unpunctuated.


Use admonitions for warnings, tips and notes.


This shows how it’s done.